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January 2019



    Faith is what causes God to work on your case/situation (Mark 10:46-50,Luke 17:11-19). Truly, you’re always available at almost every prayer meetings and Church services at the right time,but are you…


    Rape: taking the man’s side?

    Disclaimer: I in know way support rape. I am totally against it and I think those men who involve in rape should be sentenced to life imprisonment or probably stoned to…


    Waiting on him

    Ever wanted something so bad you would give your all for it? You pray, fast and work diligently towards it, making sure all your christian pretexts are correctly applied to it,…


    People I Admire

    If you are reading this, Happy New Year. Welcome to another fresh new year to do extraordinary things. This year in my church is declared as the year of the Lord’s…