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Whenever I see females thriving in this male dominated world, it gives me butterflies. Beyonecé’s who run the world girls, song comes to my mind as I write this. I know the female gender still has a long way to go but at least things are no longer the same way they were in the previous generation.

In this generation,people are becoming more enlightened and no longer see the female gender as created to just marry and rear children.

Now, the female gender dominates almost ever sector of the economy and this puts a smile on my face. Females who hustle to leave their footprints on the sand of time are my greatest inspiration as they make me believe that if they can do it, then so can I.

In this post, I will be sharing 6 naija females who have in one way inspired me and who I would love to meet someday.

1. Kemi Adetiba

The number one King woman of Nigeria. Argue with your ancestors. Kemi is one Nigerian woman I look up to so much. And yes, she’s the Wedding Party, King of Boys, Kemi Adetiba. I just had to clarify in case you were confused.

According to Wikipedia, Kemi Adetiba is a Nigerian music video director, filmmaker and television director whose works have appeared on Channel O, MTV Base, Soundcity TV, BET and Netflix.

She started out as a radio presenter before she began to transit to being a face on television as a producer and presenter. She is also an alumina from my dream university, New York Film Academy (NYFA).

What’s not to love about this woman who is doing what she loves and enjoying it. I really do hope to meet her someday. I imagine her giving me lessons about film making. It would be so epic.

2. TY Bello

When you see this signature Afro, you just know its TY Bello. This is another King Woman right here fellas. A woman, who despite being sexually abused at a young age, didn’t allow it to stop her from going after her dreams. She found her niche and she’s making a name for herself.

I got to know about TY Bello through her then song the land is green. It was one song I enjoyed listening to back then and I didn’t even know she was a Photographer until much later. She was someone I looked up to when I still had dreams of being a Photographer. The dream is gone now though but, that is another story for later.

Toyin Sokefun Bello, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and photographer. She is also the mother of these adorable twin boys. Just so you know, one of her twins is going to marry my future daughter. Can’t wait for us to be in laws 😁.

3. Lowladee

Dolapo Adeleke (no, I don’t think she’s related to the popular Nigerian singer Davido), is a screenwriter, director, producer and editor. She is the owner of Lowladee TV on YouTube which produced the web series This is it. This is it was one of the shows that made me start having interest in Nigerian movies. The graphics was top notch, the acting, the actors used, the story line, indeed it deserves all the award it’s getting and it’s all thanks to this creative woman and her team.

Wikipedia says that, in 2012, she was included in Vanguard’s list of young Nigerians making significant impact, and was noted to have won best teen writer of the year award by Angles Magazine for writing Flesh and Blood and The Little Hen.

Maybe one day, we’ll both work on a film project together, with Kemi Adetiba as the leading director.

4. Chef Muse

It’s one thing to do something and it’s another thing to be good at what you do. Chef Muse is the definition of being good at what you do.

Muneera Tahir is a cuisine addict, private chef, food stylist, consultant and chef instruction at Reddish Chronicles. A culinary gangster as she calls herself is the perfect word to describe her. She is passionate about culinary arts as she frequently says in her posts that her craft is her life.

Just look at some of her works.

She makes me remember the saying that, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

5. Jtofashion

“If you have not subscribed to my channel, what are you even doing?…” Only Jtofashion fans will get this.

Temi Otedola is a Fashion icon, model, writer and blogger. Her blog and YouTube channel is one that I find myself going to frequently.

I find her an inspiration because even though she’s from a wealthy family, she didn’t let that make her relax, sit back and enjoy her parents money.

She is finding her niche in the fashion world and making a name for herself outside of her parents own. I really love that about her and see her as someone who is hardworking. She’s also a book addict and I Stan book addicts. She even has a book club which you should check out on her blog jtofashion.com

6. Yagazie Emeze

When you talk about documentary photography in Nigeria, Yagazie Emeze is the boss lady. She is the sister of the author of Freshwater Akwaeke Emeze.

Documentary is one area I’ve noticed I have interest in (maybe because it has to do with storytelling) and Yagazie makes me love it even more. If I decide to go back to Photography, this is one of the areas I’ll branch into.

Yagazie Emeze is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on surrounding African women and their health, sexuality, education and human rights.

She has been commissioned by Al-Jazeera, New York Times, Vouge, Newseek, Inc. Magazine, TIME, The Guardian, Refinery 29, Everyday Projects and The Weather Channel.

She may be the last on this list but, she’s definitely not the least with her many accomplishments.


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