9 songs to listen to when down


Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.
Psalm 42:11 NIV

Everyone has at one time been at their low point. Maybe you’re at your low point right now. At this point, all you want is someone to tell you that everything will be OK. Well, you might not have someone to tell you that but you can always listen to the words of a good music to give you that encouragement you want.

Here are some songs you can listen to when you are that low point. As you listen to any of them, I pray they give you hope to keep pressing on and not give up.

1. Keep on running by Darius and Aron Cole

I can’t stop right now

Gotta keep on running

Ain’t no turning back

Gotta keep on running

Cuz’ I just feel so close

I know this is ain’t for nothing

Gotta keep on running

Listen here

2. O’Lord by Lauren Daigle

Oh, O’Lord O’Lord I know you hear my cry

Your love is lifting me above all the lies

No matter what I face this I know in time

You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right

Listen here

3. Holding me down by Chris Howland ft Montell Fish and Sarah Jures

I know that life moves so fast

So my eyes are fixed on you God

I know the trials won’t last

My life is set with you God

Listen here

4. Excellence by Ecclesia

God I need you

Cuz’ I’m burnin’ out

When I try to do it on my own

God I’m broken

And I’m not even close

To the person you made me to be

Listen here

5. Be alright by Evan and Eris

I know that we all gonna be alright

We gon’ make it through if it takes us all night

No matter what the odds may bring our way

I can see the blessing coming my way

Listen here

6. Won’t he do it by Koryn Hawthrone

Won’t He do it

He said He would

Fight your battles for you

They gon’ wonder how you sleep at night

Won’t He do it

Ah yes, He will

Anybody tell you something different

You know that’s a lie

Listen here

7. God by Nobel

Focus on God

He will never let you down

Focus on God

Plant yourself in holy ground

Listen here

8. My good by Rehmah ft Limoblaze

I don’t get it but I know it’s for a purpose

I got hit by force but I’m still focused

Yeah, ain’t looking at the surface

Cuz’ I’ll stick to your word

I’ll never break this

Listen here

9. Sweet Victory by Trip Lee ft Dimion McDowell and Leah Smith

I feel thorns where my crown was

I be weak but I’m alive

From the dusk until dawn yeah

I’ll survive cuz’ I got sweet victory

Nobody can take it from me sweet victory

Cuz’ I got sweet victory yeah

Listen here


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