Hi! Welcome to my blog. Let’s do a quick GET TO KNOW ME, shall we?

  • My names are Blessing Oyinkansola Ajagbe.
  • A 90’s kid who is a graduate of English from Kwara State University.
  • I was born and brought up in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria but in my head I’m from New York. 😁
  • I’m a huge music, movies and book lover.
  • I enjoy watching YouTube and reading blogs.
  • My favourite colours are black and yellow (sings the black and yellow song in head).
  • I hate beans and no, that’s not why I’m short. It’s genetics. The whole beans makes your grow tall is a SCAM.
  • I’m neither quiet nor gentle as most people think. I just need to be very comfortable with you.
  • I believe in Jesus. Yup! He’s my guy.
  • I’m an unashamed feminist and also an unashamed rice lover. Is there even a food more iconic than rice?


After much deliberation on which category to place this blog, I’ve finally decided to put it under the Lifestyle, Faith and Short Story category. So yeah, you can call me a Lifestyle, Faith and Short Story Blogger or better still, just call me a Creative Writer as I prefer being called that and every of the category will be writing creatively. Thanks, gee.


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PS: I love you and so does Jesus.

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