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Excellence Kolade Ernest used to be one of my very good friends while we were in primary school. We even formed a group called BEMP (a gist for another day) with a few of our other friends. What? You want me to give you the gist now? Nah fam, we ain’t here for that.

I had the opportunity of interviewing her on being a Christian Youth, do read further to know what she has to say.

Hi, Excellence, thanks for agreeing to this interview. How are you today?

I’m doing great. And I’m too excited to be taking this interview. Thank you very much.

You recently started a vlog, tell us about it?

Ohh yeah. I started a VlOG about 3 weeks ago, a Christian Vlog inspired from my deep desire to share my walk with Jesus and to reach out to people. I’m a big YouTube person (Fan😁) and so many lives have transformed my spiritual walk in ways I cannot even start to talk about and so this has also inspired the creation of Excellè VLOGS.

It’s a VLOG that’s going to show what it’s been like ( my experiences) and what it is like to walk with Jesus and learn from Jesus.

We know you’re studying medicine at Unilorin, how has school being so far?

Okay. I’m actually studying medicine at Afe Babalola University now. I had my first year in University of Ilorin but got a transfer to my present school.

School’s been a lot of things. Likee… omg.. I had imaginations of med school that aren’t exactly what is presently but, it’s been good to come to know so much than I expected school to present.

What branch of medicine are you into or going into?

Okay I only get to specialise after I graduate from school so presently I’m not in any specialty but, what specialty I’d like to go into? I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW YET😁

Enough health talk. How has it been being young and a Christian who has decided to take her faith seriously?

I would say my journey as a young Christian hasn’t been as difficult as a lot of people might have experienced or be experiencing so far. Majorly because I was brought up in a Christian home and also have been surrounded by people with a true intimacy with God. I, however, like every Christian had to reach that point where I became intentional about following God and not just live based on the relationship people around me have with God. But the journey has been a good one. HARD sometimes…Like when God’s telling you to let go of some things you think are impossible but EASY when you finally give up trying and ask him to help you. So it’s been great I would say.

What advice would you give to Christians who have difficulty being so bold with their faith?


First things first. I would say that the major reason why the Christians that appear BOLD in Christ to us are bold is: The Holy spirit.

Same as what was said in the bible about the Apostles becoming bold after the coming of the spirit on the day of Pentecost. It’s the same. If we only let the Holy spirit take over our will and instill in us the deep understanding that it’s really not about us, then we’ll find that we’ve “suddenly” become bold in God.

The reasons why we are timid with our faith all points back to one reason ” Ourselves”! We think, ” how would I appear, what would they think of me.. won’t they feel I’m weird”… and on on on and on.

The point where I told God to help me be less conscious of myself and remember that it’s not about me but him, at that very point, I started becoming bold in Christ. God is still working on me and I’m stepping into more boldness.

I know you’re a pastor’s kid, what’s it like being one?

Loll.. The PK Tag. Oh well, being a pastor’s kid is really a thing. I might not have had the most typical experience though because I’m not really around people who have this information. However, I really have had to come to the place of finding my own identity in Christ because it’s extremely easy to just move with the flow of the people around you who have found God when you’ve really not found him.

Do you think people put so much pressure on Pastor’s kids?

Well yeah… I would say it a thing of “high expectations” just like if my dad were a really renowned lawyer, people would expect that I do excellently say I’m in a law school.
So it’s really the regular “high expectations” thing. It could really make it hard for the children of ministers to find themselves or be transparent about certain challenges they might be facing because the expectations are Just Too High!

What are some of the misconceptions about Christianity that you find rather upsetting and why don’t you agree with them?

I wouldn’t say “upsetting”. It just bothers me a lot. And it’s the idea or thinking that Christians are hypocritical. The thing is Christian are past sinners who recognised they couldn’t help themselves stand right before God and have accepted the help of God (Jesus Christ his Son) to make them new, thus bringing them into perfection. So we are not Christians because we make zero mistakes and are all spotless and flawless… but we became believers because we know there’s one who can make us all of that.

Why is it so hard to be consistent in the Christian life as a youth?

Guys! Girls! We live in a world whose god is full of rage towards God and of course YOU! So the devil is out to fight with every ounce of strength left in him all who have found God. He understands that it is in the place of consistent walk with God that his tactics are revealed and you become less vulnerable to him and worst of all to him ( which is the best to God) is when you grow in boldness and begin to bring more people to the Lord. Ohhh he gets sooo angry. So the reason we find it hard is there is a force that repels everything God related . The moment you decide to take a stand for God that’s when the war begins. Just remember those funny food cravings at 8:00am when you finally decide to fast. 8am! And that’s why the bible says in different ways for us to be ALERT, SENSITIVE and READY to put the enemy in his place.

Young people are active, we need something new every now and then so the enemy gets us mostly by SIDE ATTRACTIONS… Exciting and interesting million other things he will make appealing to you so that praying and reading your bible become the last thing you want to do. He even sometimes drifts some of us into getting so stuck with a preacher that we don’t even read the word for ourselves or listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

What draws you closer to God more than anything else?

What draws me closer to God is the intimacy I see people have with God. Some people’s lives are literally electrifying because of how much they’ve come to know God and become like him. This actually draws me to God much more than anything else.

What is one song you find yourself listening to over and over.

I honestly wish I could give a straight forward answer, Lol. But sadly I can’t and that’s because for different seasons I have a different set of songs. Anyway for let’s say the season of January up until April it was
Sweet Praise by Bethel Crew. Oh my.. amazing amazing melody. Yeah melody cause it barely has any lyrics.😊

Who are some of the people you look up to as a Christian and why do you look up to these people?

Wow.. this is a big one. But however I’d mention just two of them because I look up to them for the same reason.
They are Nia-cerise Conteh and Ezinne Zara. I love these women! And that’s because they are a true expression of T.R.A.N.S.P.A.R.E.N.C.Y! My God they are practical and sincere and the grace of God radiates all over them. It’s just beautiful. I’m thankful for the blessing they are to the body of Christ 😊.

Can you recommend some books young Christians should read?

I would recommend God’s Generals-Roberts Liardon, How to be led by the Holy Spirit- Norvel Hayes, The Kenneth Hagin series ( I can’t even choose LOL), Adeventures in God- John G Lake, Battle field of the mind- Joyce Meyer, and Walking in the perfect Will of God- Rodney M. Howard Browne.

What advice would you like to give Christian youths?

For everything you do and say and in every way you live at every point in life, be able to draw a straight line back to the HOLY SPIRIT.


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