Did you read the post on Social media: A blessing or a curse by Yennie Keilah Joe? Well, she wrote another beautiful piece on CHANGE. Enjoy! 

Imagine a life of waking up every morning, doing your regular morning routines (which could vary for a lot of us), going to an 8am-4pm job everyday and then coming back to your house (or perhaps your cat), eating yet again and then sweet, sweet bed rest. You do that every day for a spasm of say, two years. Some smart people might reply, ‘then you just stop imagining’. OK, fine, now ‘unimagine’ a world of you being a workaholic all day, no rest, even down to when you are back at home and the routine continues day after day.

What now?

This regular routine of waking up in the morning to doing regular things that you would do literally every day, to some workaholic person, who does not even have time for a routine, as all his little time is embedded with his job, these two blatant examples spells nothing but an unhappy life, a routine life, a boring and uneasy life. This is because there is no spontaneity to any situation such an individual might find his or her self doing. It is an unhappy life because like it or not, one is going over the same situation, no delving into a different route and indeed at a certain point all avenues have been exhausted for ever being happy.

It is a routined life because one tends to go through same daily process every single day. For example, waking up in the morning, morning duties, off to work, back from work, cuddling your cat, off to bed. This routine is not broken and a new sense of living is not adopted. Hence, stale! It is a boring life here, there is no surprise springed up on one and no one is invading your personal space, bringing about what might be an adventure that will spice up your life for a long time to come. Lastly, it is an ‘uneasy life’ because it is just way too easy. It is not challenging, nothing different to adjust. To put simply, there is no change.

So what is it about change that makes all the difference in the grossly routine (and might I say very boring) life of a regular individual or brings about the much needed peace of mind and rest that a workaholic puts himself through every single day for a certain period of years? Easy, this is because C.H.A.N.G.E causes Hope and New Growth Every day. It is the life wire that can easily light up every dull and dormant situation or moment that anyone finds his or herself. It moves for that new job. It takes a bold step toward your employer for a promotion. It moves you from being a sore loser to a winner. It graduates you from a single to a married person. It delves you into maturity from a wobble and insecure teenager. Change causes new hope in your every day expanding possibilities and enables new growth in your dimensions. Every single day you are blessed to wake up and make a life decision.

Yes, you made the decision of getting out of bed this morning; you could have as well slept the entire day away. You made the decision of reading this piece; you could be doing something else other than reading it. The point is the moment you do one thing instead of another; you have at that point changed how your next line of action will take its due course.

Change is highly proactive in life. It usually embodies a terrible discomfort on the path of whoever is to embark on such. This is applicable because life is a journey and not an end and for every step of your sojourn, you would require a different and new version of you to get the best out of that stage of your life.

Looking back at your teenage age, where you were young and unsure of what to expect of the new college degree you were about to acquire, inevitable there were new hopes accompanied by the stage of your life and you only wanted something better than your ‘guarded’ and ‘predictable’ high school life, and if you were like me who was a day schooler all my life, the idea of a hostel and off campus life away from the watchful eyes of your parents thrilled you and the change was highly welcomed.

Moving into a new status such as marriage, welcomes a huge growth in your world and you all but wake up every single day to a loved one right beside you and down tracked the years of staying married is new responsibility which could involve the birth of your kids, arguably embracing your new status (and then they were two) to undoubtedly growing every single day in love, trust and age with your partner. That is change!

This piece will not be complete without me pouring out my heart here that change is highly positive and should be embraced at every point of one’s life. Yes, it can be really scary and even uncomfortable and it might feel like your world is being turned upside down but all these negates to the fact that you have not created enough room from for it. When there is a large room, clean and open, new things can be easily brought in and hence making the room look much better and ready to be fully designed to ones taste, the reverse is the case for an untidy and smaller spaced room.

So yes, we all have to clean up and arrange our lives today. Create room for that designer ring (Hello, single ladies!), open up your window to that new opportunity and of course sit back and relax for that big break (Yes, you Mr workaholic) because indeed we only take few steps backwards (when we are uncomfortable) to take a giant leap forward (when we embrace change) into our goal or dreams. Embrace change.

About Writer

My name is Yennie Keilah Joe. I studied Linguistics at the University of Uyo. I live in Lagos and I’m a huge lover of God, an ardent listener, reader, writer and a broadcaster.

I’m a very opinionated person and this usually exposes me to information from all over and at the same time, different learning experiences.

I’m obsessed with my loved ones and family and because I believe that God is love, I always let love lead.

I’m deeply rooted in greatness and I know I can impact and change the world and how people view things, one writing at a time.

So join me as we explore the magic of my ever flowing pen and like I always say, don’t fit in, always stand out.

Mwah! 😘


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