Dear Introverts


When he giveth quiteness, who then can make trouble? And when he hideth his face, who then can behold him? whether it be done against a nation, or against a man only.
– Job 34: 29

Young people are naturally perceived to be fun, lively, hip, up and doing, outgoing, rebellious, spontaneous and sometimes even overwhelming. The young age is a phase, where one is expected to live it to its fullest, explore all possible options and also just generally be free. At this stage, all of one’s excesses and mistakes are blamed on young age. Only but at least a thousand heartbreaks one is permitted to go through, and the thorough exploration of the opposite gender is utmost. So, what happens when a young person is just the complete opposite of the above? Where the overboard lifestyle and outgoing and wild persona is not just their thing. Where being home is the coolest way to spend one’s weekend, and almost or completely antisocial is literally one’s stooge. Oh well! I’d say, hello introvert!

Grammarians have a nice way of putting it, as a case where one is considered as a reserved person, and more thoughtful than social. I personally see an introverted person as one who always plays it safe and is very logical and smart in this array of choices presented to them. Here, one always over thinks and even analyses all the possible options, intricacies, ups and downs and of course consequences that choosing or making a decision could possibly fall back on them. Hence, one would rather stay at home than go on a wild jungle day spree, read a book rather than twerk all day on love social media accounts, mind my business and fiddle peacefully with my phone rather than bat my eyelids painfully at a lad across me on the front pew. The choices go on and on but, does that in anyway make one less of a youth or youngster? Does it feel like one is missing out on an opportunity to just let go an let loose? How about just doing the ‘wrong’ thing for a moment, will the world freaking come to an end?

No, nopety nope, nuhhh… but still my Dear Introvert, you are just a normal cutely youngster, who just has the best heart and mind for staying on the best and safest lane. It is not a crime to be a goody two shoes, and yes, you can still have the best of both worlds. That is the extremely crazy, fun and outgoing side, and still have a good and clean personality and one complete heart to fall back on. Now how cool is that!

Take for example, an extremely wild and outgoing youngster, who has all the bad decisions on fleek and the bucket list all ticked to the radar, somewhat gets lost in the process and looses his/herself while trying to find his/herself. Hits rock bottom at some point and now desperately trying to find his/her way home. Trust me, that journey back to safe haven is definitely not going to be an easy one and all hands must fully be on deck to help and salvage the situation. Hopefully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel after such display of youthful exuberance. All because of what? Young age? No, thank you.

As an Introvert, one has to fully learn to embrace and absolutely pat one’s self on the back for being this cool. (Yippee!). I feel like being here is a great way to start off one’s adult life. Of course you go out and explore once in a while but, the good bright light would always guide one back easily. Here, ones well thought out friends and family would always keep one company. No dull moment and no boredom much to the misconception. Thank you very much! In fact, that book is always an adventure when picked up, and don’t you just feel like you’ve been through the highest rollercoaster ever, when you finally drop it after you’re done reading (Lol). And as for love and relationship, oh my Dear Introvert, I say you have your happily ever chapter there, how about you ‘thoughtfully’ write it out. Wink* Wink*.
Written by Yennie Joe

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