“Did Christianity Change?” By Fadekemi Olorunmaiye


Growing up, I was always open-minded about everything including how to see God. I always loved God but was never committed, didn’t know much about him except for the common bible stories I heard and was taught in school or Church. Christianity to me was what I saw, it was church doctrine, people would dress up on Sundays, March to Church, sing and dance, pray for forgiveness, blessings, protection and give thanks. To be a Christian, you had to be born by a Christian mum and dad and have Christian siblings, probably with biblical names and if you don’t attend Church then you’re not a good Christian. Some people linked their Christianity to their natural hair,unpierced ears, constant skirt wearing and abstaining from every form of make up or jewelry. Some wear a cross and some wear a garment and walk barefoot, others would just do anything they wanted but were still called Christians, after all, “we all worship God in our different ways”, they’d say. Lol! Well, I was part of the last group, the chill Christian, just on her own. I would ask for forgiveness everyday, multiple times on Sundays after the sermon. I even got an idea to ask for forgiveness right before I die so I would enter heaven. I was a good girl, I never fornicated or killed anyone but I knew my life wasn’t pleasing to God, after all “aren’t we all sinners?” People always said that too.

I believed the gospel when I was 15 which got me born again. It was at this point that I started to wonder how one Christianity, one faith could have so many doctrines in it. What exactly was going on? Was God confused or were these people confused? I was just questioning everything really. Fast forward to when I was 17 and in my 3rd year in the University. I joined a fellowship called the Believer’s love fellowship and it was mind blowing from there. God! My life changed. Everything was so different and I saw Christianity in a different light. Question is, did Christianity change? The answer is No. Christianity was, is and will always be Christianity. We are the problem,we are the ones trying to define it however we understand it in our natural human minds. To understand Christianity, we need to properly understand the Bible. To be a Christian is not about being given birth to by some Religious father and mother who bear biblical names and go to Church. Christianity is being “born again” into the family of God. The keyword is being born again. We know we have been birthed by our parents into this world and we have the sin nature within us because of Adam’s disobedience (Romans 5:12-14;17-18). Now because of this our life cannot be pleasing to God, right?

Well, there is only one way your life can be pleasing to God and it’s not about being in any of the groups I mentioned earlier or by worshipping God in your own way. No! You have to be born of God, be born again. Being born again is what makes you a Christian. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God. He came to this world and he was crucified for our sins, he resurrected for our justification. The only way you can be a Christian is by being born again. Being born again isn’t another step a Christian takes to show he is committed, no it is what makes a Christian. Without being born again you can’t be a Christian. So many people assume they get saved by working so much in Church and doing good. These are good things, infact they are attributes a Christian should possess but that’s not how you get saved. We do good because we are saved, we don’t do good to get saved. John 3:3 shows you can only get saved by being born again. The simplicity of being born again is perhaps the reason why so many people have gone wrong. That’s the thing about people, they love the hard road but it’s actually so simple. To be saved you have to believe the gospel (Romans 9:10). What is the gospel? The gospel is Christ’s death and resurrection for our forgiveness and justification before God (1corinthians 15:1-7).

There is only one way to have a relationship with God and that is through faith in Christ. After this is done, you’re born into the family of God. It’s a beautiful relationship. It changes your life. Everything flows from this, you love differently, you forgive differently, you even think about God and yourself because in knowing whose we are, we discover who we are. We are made by and for God, instruments of worship and his adoration. This is our purpose. Our purpose is to wet dry lands with the gospel, to showcase Christ at every point of our lives. It’s not about us, it will never be about us, it’s about Jesus. And with this beautiful relationship we have to constantly study our bible because if we don’t let our everything flow from redemption we will get it all wrong.

If you aren’t born again today, well, you should be. Just believe in the gospel of Christ and walk in this new light. So yes, Christianity can’t change and it didn’t, it is up to us to actually surrender and let Christianity change us.

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