Hi! Mr Career, Watsup?


Welcome to 21st century generation where we all have to meet new people everyday. A generation where you step out of your front door, with the tendency that you might just meet your life partner. The generation where the social media handles are glitters and basically everyone is on it, so that says something that yes, most of us just have to socialise. Welcome, to the generation of ‘hi’s’ and ‘hello’s and ‘sup’. Welcome, to my generation of self discovery.

In this time and age, it is pertinent to note that we are all exposed to different and all kinds of options and opinions. Just by tapping on your phone screens, a bazillion options pop up and if you don’t exactly know what you want to do at that particular point in time, you could get carried away fooling with other options and lose focus of what it is you primarily wanted to do at that point in time. Now in relating this to making important choices in life, this also applies as we now find ourselves in a generation where a lot of choices usually present itself, and if one doesn’t have a focus in life, there is a huge possibility of one making the wrong decisions or choices, which could very well marr us for a long time to come. One of this very choice here, like it or not is one’s career path or choice.

To start off, I must say one must find his/herself luck to even attain a certain level of education whereby one is now privileged to be presented with the choices of one’s life career. Not everyone is blessed to get to this point, even if a lot of people would do anything to get to this level, only a few have the opportunity to get to this very point. It is unfortunate that a lot of people make the worst decisions in this case and in turn go down the wrong path, and before they realise it, time has been far spent or little chances are presented to go back to make a better decision or choice.

Back in my junior high school days, I must say I was privileged to be among the brightest students in my class, and it was only normal that my teachers took special interest in me (educational wise), and so I was countlessly asked what I wanted to be in the future and I would always reply with a certain answer, much to the disappointment of my teachers. They all would not believe that a student like me, didn’t want a white collar job or profession, but rather was intelligently going for something totally different and out of the box from what they had naturally pictured for me as a brilliant student then. By now I am sure, you are dying to know what profession I always told them, lolz, that will be disclosed in another piece of mine. So, for me, it wasn’t about what I know I could offer or how good everyone thought I was enough for a particular career or profession, but what I wanted to do all my life, and and let’s add a little stubbornness to that, coupled with the light at the end of the tunnel; self discovery.

Self discovery boils down to you knowing yourself for who you are.  No one can know you the way you know and understand yourself. There is an intimate bound you, like it or not, share with your consciousness or lets say your heart here, and at that point in time you know without a sense of doubt that this what I want for myself or I can really see myself doing this without breaking a sweat, or even if I am not remunerated, I can still give it my all. That right there, is when you know you have discovered what you want to do career wise.

A lot of people go through life not knowing this about themselves, hence are easily swayed by whatever options that they are presented with or imposed on by either their families or teachers and this in turn leads them to making the wrong decisions and hence an unhappy life afterwards.

Lack of self discovery in one’s life career leads to that unhappiness that is unexplainable. You find yourself doing or studying Medicine for example, but deep down you know this is not what you want, but because everyone thought you could be better at sciences and there you find yourself, doing what is making you least happy. Sad!

It can also buttress your path of regret. Looking back at the years wasted studying or doing whatever you least love, one would undoubtedly feel like you have undoubtedly had a wasteful life, as you could have as well spent all those years doing what you have passion or heart for. Doing what you really wanted to do and hence, the regret crops up on you, grabs you and could even pull one to a hole of depression. All these and more one faces when you walk with the path of the wrong career for a while.

Now what happens when you find yourself doing honestly what you want and on the path you have always dreamed of. Easy, opposite is the case. Here, you have passion flowing like rivers of water and you find yourself doing exactly what makes you happy, without even breaking a sweat. You are beyond happy, and of course contented. Here, there are no ranging questions at the back of your mind, like what if? Why am I here? And so, there is little or no room for regret, because you are doing exactly what you want to do the only way from there on, is up.

You also will inevitably experience a sense of fulfillment, with the a open heart to learn, create new opportunities for yourself, grow, explore all your available options, attain the highest level, fuel to impact lives in your career or line of business, all driven by the zeal of your career as situated at that point.

It is Important to note here that the path to self discovering one’s life career may not always be rosy. Being presented with the option sometimes takes sheer luck, as some parents just super impose it on you without even giving you the choice to make it and some other times, we may be forced to change our dreams or careers, perhaps the one examination bodies in charge are just not giving us our much deserved pass or the universities are not given us what we choose to study and so after much years at home, we settle for that which we are given, but the point remains that we should never stop fighting for what we truly believe in or what we want to do with our life and career.

At the end of the day, it is your career and no one is going to go through those work hours with you. So, it is high time you made that decision all by yourself and pick that career that deep down in your heart is your one time all path to greatness. Walk the walk, talk the talk, and live your life for Christ Jesus. He strengthens you always. So, now we can boldly say together, Hi! Mr career, Watsup?

Written by: Yennie Keilah Joe


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