Iya Tunde


Who doesn’t know Iya Tunde on Aduke Street?
Only a JJC.

Iya Tunde,
the socialite of the year.
No one can compete with her or beat her record of parties she has attended in her life time.
As long as she is invited for a party, she would grace it with her lovely presence.

She would tie her gele yayaya that would wound everybody and wear her bata gogolo that would later come off when the gbedu has entered her body.

She would scatter the dance floor with her badass moves that would beat down the millennials who think they are the “in” thing.

From her Shaku to Zanku, she would make every other person on the dance floor feel like a learner.
Indeed, another award due to be added to her collection is the award for life of the party.

Iya Tunde, sweet sixteen.
With her popping brown skin, the forty-six year old woman could actually pass for that age.
And praise to her small stature too,
it also did good at concealing her out grown youth.

Aside from being a socialite,
Iya Tunde is known to have a big heart.
A heart big enough to accommodate the troubles of the whole world.
A heart so soft it drives hate away.
A heart so pure only love can stay.

Iya Tunde,
the mother hen.
Always looking out for the ones she loves.

Iya Tunde,
a philanthrophist.

Iya Tunde,
a popular jingo.

Iya Tunde,
one who could only be hated by those with a dark heart.

Iya Tunde,
somebody’s daughter,
somebody’s sister,
somebody’s wife,
somebody’s mother,
somebody’s friend,
somebody’s help in time of need.

when Iya Tunde was involved in a ghastly motor accident that took her life, it shook everyone and made their hearts heavy.
It also got them questioning,
“Why do the good die young?”

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