Lessons from the just concluded Big Brother Naija Season 4 Pepper Dem


Big Brother Naija season four which was themed Pepper Dem that has been gracing our screens for the past three months, came to an end yesterday, the 6th of October with Mercy Eke (the Queen of Highlights) emerging as the winner of this season. Finally, a female won.

This season was my favourite and I believe the theme of this season was well delivered. Like Joe (an ex housemate) said yesterday when asked to describe how this season has been, said it was very peppery and I couldn’t agree any less.

Although there were a lot of controversies about the show and people saying it should be scrapped, I am of the opinion that it shouldn’t be. I believe the show is about promoting one’s skills and talents and that was projected a lot this season. I mean, some housemates discovered talents in themselves they didn’t even know they had. I also believe the show is a good platform for people who want a career in the entertainment industry. This season, the show also did well at displaying the rich cultures in Nigeria and that is commendable.

Even though I’m of the opinion that the show shouldn’t be scrapped, I believe there are some aspects of the show that should be worked on and things that shouldn’t be allowed (they should hire me as part of the planning committee for next season). Aside that, Big Brother did good at holding my attention for three months and deserves an applause for that.

The show was purely meant to be entertaining which it was but, there were a few lessons that were learnt from it too. These lessons are:


A lot of people are of the opinion that, you have to be a certain type of way before you can make it to the Big Brother house and also make it far in the house. I stand to believe this season proved otherwise. Most housemates, lost their true selves in the process of trying to be people that they were not.

You don’t have to be someone else just to flow with the crowd or just to get the attention of people. Going down the road of fake life, might end up in a disaster.


Indeed, pride comes before a fall and this was evident in Biggie’s house. Most of the housemates who believed they were the “MVP’s” and “G.O.A.T’s”, learned the hard way by not getting as far as they thought they would. I mean, if you think you’re that big then, why come for the show? That you came means that you are equal with your fellow housemates as there were no VIP Corners in the Big Brother house. Well, aside the HOH privileges.

No matter who you think you are, no matter the family you come from or what you think you’ve accomplished, humility is still a key ingredient that will take you far.


This just goes with being humble. In this life, God’s say is the ultimate and this season, Proverbs 19:21 proved itself to be true.

You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail”.(NLT)


The person you least expect will go far might end up going far.

The housemates people expected wouldn’t make it far into the season, ended up making it farther than the housemates that people thought were the “all mighty”.

This made me realise even more that nothing in this life is by any man’s power, beauty, intellect or affluence but, by God’s Grace.


We have seen this through the previous seasons that, emerging as a winner of Big Brother Naija doesn’t guarantee success. Most housemates who don’t make it to the top five let alone emerging as the winner, end up doing better than the housemate who won the season. This is not only in Big Brother Naija but quite a number of shows I’ve watched. Take a look at Ebuka, the host of the show, he didn’t win during his time but see him wining now.

In this life, God’s favour is what crowns all efforts with success.


My favourite housemates this season were:




Sir Dee,



Thelma and,


My top two were Elozonam (the love of my life) and Diane (my baby girl for life). Yes, I’m a member of the Dialo shippers club.

*smiles sheepishly *

I’m sad that Big Brother has ended but that’s life, whatever has a beginning, surely has an end. At least now I can move on to something else. I wish all the twenty six housemates good luck in their endeavours and most importantly, I wish we Nigerians would put as much energy and time we put in Big Brother Naija into making this country a great nation because we can.


Did you watch the Big Brother Naija Season 4 Pepper Dem? What lessons did you learn and who were your favourite housemates? Comment below.

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    Musa Ameenah
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    Always put God first in all you do 😎

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