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I’ve always wondered why in secular music videos, the guys would be all covered up while the ladies would be half naked. Does it mean that guys have more morals than girls?

I’ve not really been a lover of fashion. Well, not until recently. I’ve always been a lover of hair. I believe that hair is everything. Like, even if you wear the cutest outfit and your hair is not popping, I’m sorry but to me it’s all wrong. Like, when I see a lady or even a guy, the first thing I look out for or should I say, the first thing that attracts me to them is their hair. I wonder why I haven’t gone into hairdressing yet. Maybe I still will. Anyway, back to the topic of discussion.

There is a popular saying that we should dress the way we want to be addressed. Is that saying still applicable in this generation? If you are a fan of the gram (Instagram), you cannot but think about this. Why do ladies expose their body in the name of fashion? If it’s not their breast, it’s their thighs or their tummy, their back or even their butt cheek. Whaatt? No shame at all. The way some ladies dress will make you wonder why they didn’t just go out naked.

Quick Question: Does it mean that a lady who doesn’t expose her body is not stylish?

Exposing of body is the in thing now. I feel like some ladies have the mentality that if they dress and don’t show even a little cleavage then they’ve not slayed. I did a survey. I went to the explore page on Instagram and looked at the pages of ten random ladies. I made sure they were people I didn’t know. These ten ladies all had one thing in common, their dressing. They were either exposing a little or exposing too much. But, did they have to show at all? What is the motive behind the showing? So that people can call you sexy? To get the male attention? It has to be either one of the two. And don’t you dare tell me it’s to look good ’cause if you look up the meaning of ‘good’, do you think it can be used in this context?

As a Christian lady, God wants you to dress in a way that will reflect Him. You can’t call yourself a Christian and people can’t see Christ in your dressing. There should be a difference in the dressing of a Christian lady because she is royal. A King’s daughter. Therefore, her dressing should be an example to other ladies. Just because it’s trending doesn’t mean it’s for you. Just because society smiles at it doesn’t mean it’s good. Most times what society smiles at ain’t good for us. As Christians we need to know our stand.

Dear sisters, honour God with your body. Your dressing shouldn’t be causing the opposite sex to lust after you. You are a role model and people out there are watching you. What do you want them to take from your style of dressing? The Bible made us to know that

“we are here to be light bringing out the God-colours of the world (Matthew 5:15 MSG).

You can slay and still be covered. It’s called modest fashion. When you dress modestly you get more respect from people. Have you ever seen a royal lady exposing her body in the name of fashion? No, when you see a royal lady you would know ’cause she would dress with class. Modest dressing is the best and it speaks volume about you.

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