Like a star


Where is He that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship Him.
– Matt 2:2.

Everyone is unique and different in their own special way. This is one line that a lot of us in the new generation have grown to know and believe in one way or the other. As youngsters, we are encouraged to explore our inner minds and via guidance, we are made to believe that indeed there is a special thing we all carry and we are always encouraged to explore it at some point in our life. Just as our faces are different, so are our gifts, just as our fingers are not equal, so also our capabilities are not the same, just as the smiles on our faces do not tell the same story, so are our stars destined to shine differently.

The perception that a star in an ordinary sense is meant to always be bright and shine as naturally conceived is one which when looked closely at, there are a lot of shortcomings to that thought. Far from one being an astrologer of any sort, there are still case scenarios where in a sky full of stars, the night environs still seems dim and not in any way illuminated and some other cases, only a single noted star in the sky shines the brightest and every other just constitutes its shadow in the vast sky, or even a case of a sky full of tiny sparks of stars and the moon simply doesn’t have anything on it. These three different case scenarios all go to show that even the tiniest bitty witty speck of a star owns its own magic.

Growing up, I was not in anyway the dullest or the least academically or socially (OK, maybe only a little here) but, being privileged to bag all the awards where necessary and still moving in a smooth feat to the higher institution, studying to me wasn’t something I compromised in any form. Times when it seemed boring, and the teachers/lecturers were super foxed annoying, geared up by the feat for success, I had to apply a lot of principles to just overtake and soar in my ventures. Indeed, I might have been seen as a star in a class full of stars and perhaps my illuminosity had turned other’s light to that of a shadow but, for how long? As at today, those ‘shadows’ of a dim star are now bright stars in their own domain. Many have no doubt moved on to conquer and live their dreams in no small words. I’m talking relocations abroad, settling down happily with kids, career exploits and all round success. Gone are the days of sorry failures in a classroom or awkward social antics. All are now in the past. So yes, this confirms that in a shadowy case of dim stars, all stars are destined to shine and so are people. Hence, it is only a matter of time before we all manifest and live up to our potentials just like a star.

In another case scenario of a sky of dim stars, are the people all around you simply refusing to feel your impact. I say that a dim sky of stars may fail to light up the night, the same story usually does not repeat itself the next day. To our amazement even the moon might make an appearance. Hence, even the world around you may fail to fuel your impact now but, as you keep believing that indeed there are capabilities inside you and it’s lit, brewing and ready to explore, then the world should sit back, hold tight, and expect nothing but the full impact and manifestation (the moon) which is you in all your glory (having conquered all what nots in your past).

Are you the shining star that has always illuminated for as long as you can remember? The golden child that nobody can just get enough of. Quick question, can you get enough of yourself? Are you ready to slow down, and just live through all these amazing successes you experience sometimes without even trying? If yes, then hold on for the ride. It might not necessarily be smooth, perhaps a little bumpy but, you will definitely come up tops, just like a star.
Written by Yennie Joe

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