No Good Girl|A Nigerian Teen Movie


When I saw the trailer of this movie, it captured my attention and I knew it was one I would love to watch when it was finally out especially because it starred Sharon Ephraim and Somadina Ayanma . I have seen the movie and here is what I think about it.

No Good Girl takes us into the life of Mofetola Thompson or rather Mo as she prefers to be called, a character played by Sharon Ephraim. Mo is a seventeen year old girl from a Christian background who wants to fit it and be one of the cool kids.

Growing up in a Christian family, Mo didn’t have the freedom to live the lifestyle she wanted or thought she wanted until she decided she wasn’t going to be a good girl anyone. She started dressing wild and sneaking out to get the validation of the peers in her school she saw as the cool ones and to also get the attention of  the most popular guy in her school  Victor, played by Sommadina Ayanma.

I like that this movie portrayed the theme of belonging which is common among teenagers. Most teenagers feel that they have to dress, talk or behave a certain way because they have the mindset that all that is what it takes for them to be seen as cool. In the process they end up losing their true self or getting themselves into some kind of endangering act.

I also like this movie because it’s a teenage movie. Teenage movies are my favourite kind of movies to watch.  In Nigeria, we don’t see much of teenage movies and that was one thing that got me interested in watching it too.

My favourite character in the movie was Mo’s sister Mimi played by Saphire Ekeng. I liked the annoying little sister she played. I found her character funny and her acting dope. Saphire Ekeng is a child actor and I believe she is going to grow up to be an exceptional actor.

I liked Sharon Ephriam’s acting too. Before watching this movie, I knew Sharon from Instagram and loved watching her tiktok videos on her page. Watching those videos, I would tell myself that Sharon would make a great actor and now this happened. I wish her the best in this acting career and look forward to watching more of her movies.

As much as I liked that Sommadina Ayanma was in this movie, I feel like they should have casted another person for his role. Why? He played the role of a teenager who is supposed to be in secondary school but he looked nothing like that and the reason is because of his beards. I know a guy keeping beards is not allowed in Nigerian Secondary Schools except if that has changed though. For me the beards didn’t quite go well with the character he was playing. Other than that, he played his character well.

No Good Girl also starres actors like Ronke Odunsanya, Cynthia Ebijie among others. It was written by Damilola Adeniyi and directed by Kayode Idowu.

Should you watch this movie? Yes, please.

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    July 9, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    Would really live to see this movie… The break down alone has made me fall for it

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