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If you are reading this, Happy New Year. Welcome to another fresh new year to do extraordinary things. This year in my church is declared as the year of the Lord’s right hand and my prayer is that we will all experience the Lord’s right hand in every areas of our life.

This year I’ve decided to start the blog with celebrating people that I admire. These are people that are quite famous and one way or the other they impacted my life in 2018. I wanted to make it into a series but, somehow somehow, I decided to make it a single post.

Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order. 

1. Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie is a wife, mother, teacher of the word and recently became an author of the book Gay Girl Good God. I must admit that I didn’t use to like Jackie. Why? I really don’t know. But there was this girl who loved Jackie so much and would talk about her love for her. One day I decided that I must get to know this Jackie better and so I followed her on Instagram. Men, I feel in love with her. I feel in love with her passion for God, her style and her words. I feel in love with her transformation from being gay to being heterosexual and it is this transformation and deliverance she talks about in her book Gay Girl Good God. 

I listened to the audio book last year and her story was so inspiring. It was also the first audio book I’ve ever listened to and I feel like I would have enjoyed it better if I got to read the hardcopy or even soft copy. Still looking out for them though. The book made me realize that God’s default is good and no matter what we face or are going through, God will still forever be good. He can’t change. You should definitely  read the book. She’s also quite funny so you’ll enjoy following her on Instagram .

2. Sarah Jakes Roberts 

Do you know T. D Jakes, the famous preacher? Well, that’s his daughter. Sarah Jakes Roberts is a Media personality, Writer, Wife, Mother and Business woman. I had seen Sarah a few years back on TV but that was it. I didn’t really pay attention to her even though I knew she was T. D Jakes daughter. It wasn’t until last year when I read her book Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life and I was touched by her story. 

The story was so related, not all though but the part she talks about what she and her siblings had to go through being Pastor’s kids. That part was related. She talked about how people would always refer to her as T. D Jakes’ daughter and rarely Sarah and she didn’t really like it, what her family went through before they had a “mega” Church, her relationship with God, Oh! and how she got knocked up at fourteen. Yeah, you read right, fourteen. I could imagine what her family went through at that time. The critics, the pointing of fingers, mehn! it was tough for the poor girl. She also talked about her toxic marriage and how she was able to free herself from it.

Sarah made me understand something in the book that sometimes God allows you to do some things or rather make some mistakes because of what he wants to make out of you. It was her mistake (getting knocked up at fourteen) that made her learn unconditional love, made her closer to God and led to her starting her ministry for women. So, if you’re in a bad season right now just look at it as a preparation for Something great. Beside, there is no GLORY without a STORY. Sarah has a great fashion sense and you can follow her on Instagram to get some fashion inspiration. Wow, did you notice the rhyme? 😂 She has also written several books which I hope to read very soon. 

3. Michael Todd

Is it right to say that Pastor Michael Todd is my favourite Pastor right now? Yes? Yes. Pastor Mike is a husband, father and head Pastor at Transformation Church. Someone take me there 😩. Let me just tell you in case you didn’t know that Pastor Mike is not your average kind of Pastor. He’s a teacher of the word and he’s so real. There’s no way you’ll listen to his messages and not understand cuz he’ll use practical examples to explain. Plus, he has swag. What? Pastor and Swag? No way.

I watched some of his teachings last year and each one of them blessed me. I watched Grace like a Flood’s series (not all)  Relationship Goals series (not all) Worship 24ever series (not all). You should check out his messages on YouTube and be blessed.

So, that’s all guys. Once again, happy new year. Thanks to everyone who always takes out time to read my blog posts. I love you all.

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