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YouTube is a creative space that I enjoy going to. I really love visual contents and YouTube offers a lot of that.

Today on the blog, I’ll be recommending some channels you can subscribe to incase you have no idea what to watch on YouTube. Do check out these channels and subscribe to the ones that tickle your fancy. Subscription is free btw.

With that said, let’s start. PS: this list is in no particular order.

1. Amy Lee

It’s a mordern upbeat channel where fashion, beauty and lifestyle intersect. She also gives some advice that you could find helpful.

2. Lavendaire

It’s a channel about personal growth plus lifestyle design, where she shares knowledge and inspiration about creating your dream life.

It’s a channel for those who are, curious and conscious with an open mind, a love for learing and a deep desire to live a brilliant and vibrant life.

3. Architectural Digest

There’s something about architecture that I love especially when it has to do with houses. It’s no wonder MTV Cribs was one of my favourite shows back then. Watching this channel gives me that nostalgic feeling.

The channel provides exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful homes and the fascinating people who live in them. It gives a wealth of information on architecture and interior design, art and antiques, travel destinations and extraordinary products.

4. Adenike O. Adebayo

If you’re a Nigerian movie enthusiast, then this is the channel for you.

Adenike O. Adebayo is a Nigerian movie review and reaction channel. Sometimes she puts out lifestyle contents but now she has opened another channel for that.

If you want the review of a Nigerian movie before you spend your 2cents watching it in the cinema, check this channel out.

5. Gospel Hydration/Blssd Music/The Good Christian Music Blog

I put these three channels together because they basically put out the same kind of content which is, Music.

If you want new Christian songs that are lit, these are the channels for you. These channels made me see Christian music in a new light and I’m glad I found them.

If you’ve been looking for songs to vibe to that at the same time have clean lyrics but are not the conventional ones we sing in church on Sunday, look no further.

6. Daniel Schiffer

It’s the channel you should subscribe to if you’re into video creation. Daniel Schiffer is one of the best video creators, his contents are mind blowing. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how fine he is too 😁.

He puts out tutorials and BTS of his shoots. If you want to learn video creation and put out amazing videos, check out his channel and subscribe too.

7. Dimma Umeh

It’s a lifestyle, fashion and beauty channel. She is one of my favourite YouTubers. Not only is she a book lover but she’s also a feminist, two things we share in common. I haven’t really watched much of her content this year but she’s still a fave.

8. Fisayo Fosudo

It’s a tech channel. I love watching the channel when I want to get a new phone. Somehow I trust his judgement. His reviews give me the go ahead to either purchase it or not. If you’re a tech lover, you might find this channel quite interesting.

9. KieKie TV

If you love fashion and at the same time want a good laugh, KieKie’s got you. There’s none of her videos I’ve watched that I didn’t end up laughing out loud. I honestly don’t know how she comes up with those jokes.

Want to know what to wear to a particular event so you won’t end up on the The Fashion Shock Show, check the channel out.

10. Girl and the Word

In this channel you’ll find devotional videos that encompass DIY projects, cooking, home decor, gardening and more.

Aside how beautiful and chill her videos always are, her voice over during the videos just makes it more soothing to watch.

11. Montell Fish

The channel focuses on photography, music and faith on Jesus Christ.

I like the way he’s transparent in his faith videos. Talking about his addictions and how God has helped/ is helping him to deal with them. I just really relate to his videos and I recommend that you watch them too.

12. Vivian Okezie

It’s a beauty and lifestyle channel. Her lifestyle contents are great and pleasing to watch. Also her editing is on point and I guess it’s because she used to be a videographer. I don’t think she’s into that anymore though. She’s my favourite YouTuber at the moment and anytime I get notified of her new video, I’m always eager to watch.

You should check out her Village Series and thank me later.

13. Word Dancer

If you want to learn screenwriting or you’re a screenwriter but want to learn more then, you should check out this channel. She’s a good teacher and you’ll enjoy her videos.

Another screenwriting channel I recommend is Tyler Mowery, he’s also good.

14. Coffee and Bible Time

I’ve not really watched much of the videos on this channel but I still recommend it.

It’s a faith channel that will help you grow closer to God. I really should start watching more of their videos.

15. Paul and Morgan

The Paul and Morgan, the Paul and Morgan show.

Sorry, that was just me singing their intro song. I remember when I used to watch their videos everytime a new one was uploaded but now, other channels have stolen my attention. None the less, this channel is very much recommended.

Paul and Morgan are a young couple who make Christian advice videos on life, love and dating.


I have a lot of other channels I subscribed to but these are the ones on my top list. I hope you check them out and find the ones worth your time. Until the next post, peace out.

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