Sade takes Lagos||Did the movie meet my expectation?


Sade Takes Lagos tells the story of Sade, a Nigerian girl who lives in America but came to Lagos for her Aunty’s wedding.

The movie was written by Debola A. I, directed by Chibuike Ibe, starring Lilian Esoro, Cythina Ebijie, Francis Odega, Deyemi Okanlawon and a host of others.

When I saw the trailer of this movie on Conga TV’s YouTube page, I was pumped to watch it. The storyline seemed different, the title was catchy and so I anticipated the release date.

Then movie finally came out and I got to watch it. After much anticipation, imagine my disappointment as I started watching it. The movie fell far bellow my expectations. *angry face*

The acting, the sound, and even how the whole plot was put together didn’t sit well with me at all. There were so much unnecessary and unrelated scenes and in my head I’m like “what am I watching?” *insert rolling eyes emoji* The worst part is that the movie is two hours long. What the freak!

I understand that it’s not easy to put a feature length movie together but honestly if producers don’t have the means to put out a great movie then, why put it out?

This movie made me scared as a screenwriter in Nigeria . If I sell my script to a producer, will the movie eventually come out the way I wrote it or will the producer just make the script fit his or her budget?

For someone who is kinda like a perfectionist, a shabby work is my worst nightmare. I believe in putting out nothing but the best and even if it’s not the best, it should be 98% close to it being the best. It’s the reason I over think things a lot and hold back on so many things. *sad face* It’s also the reason why Queen B is my motivation.

All hail the queen

I’m not a member of the beyhive club btw but, I’ve noticed that she takes her time in putting out her work but the moment she does, it’s nothing short of amazing.

One thing I loved about the movie though, (yes I actually loved something about the movie) was their choice of songs. Thumbs up to the Music Director. All the songs used were really dope.

For someone who loves watching movie trailers, this is a lesson that I should never judge a movie by its trailer. Take that lesson from me guys.

Should you watch the movie? If you have nothing better to watch then you can. But if your love for Nolllywood movies is not that deep, stay clear off it because you’ll only get irritated.

Anyway, there’s always the bad and the good movie but it’s sad this one fell on the bad side. I had high hopes for the movie. *disappointed face*

What’s going to burst my head is if this movie makes it to Netflix. Gun to my head. *jokes* *jokes* *jokes*

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