Social media: a blessing or a curse? By Yennie Keilah Joe


A typical WhatsApp conversation between the opposite gender early in the morning.

Boy: Hello beautiful

Girl: Hello

Boy: How was your night?

Girl: Good…urs?

Boy: Fine. So did you dream about me?

Girl: No…But I will if you will credit my account today.

Boy: (goes offline)

Instagram page: A popular celebrity posts a cute picture of herself in an evening outfit to an event or award show. The likes are usually overwhelming ranging from the least being 7.5k, comments at least 2.7k, and of course shares shuffling about 2.5k. Not to mention the number of followers such a celebrity will arguably boast off and of course the mess of their DMs popularly known as direct messages.

Twitter pages: Nigerians are it again. This time it is Unilag vs OAU, then EKSU vs FUTA and unfortunately for a Kenyan who tries to comment wrongly on a tweet and it all of a sudden becomes Nigeria vs Kenya, with Nigerians doing the roasting of course. Their savage replies have nothing on the Kenyans, who eventually take the back seat as Nigerians readily retain their title as Savage Lords and Queens with savage replies. Ouch! Wouldn’t want to be a Kenyan right now.

And of course the Almighty Facebook, fastest rising social media of all time and home to online romance. There is even a such thing as my Facebook girl, yes and to go with that, my Facebook boyfriend. Here, young people meet each other on this surreal platform, usually accustomed with flashy pictures, cool status and don’t forget matching likes, comments and shares to go with it. Threaded on this number one social media platform, is the numerous pages of different genres including both the religious aspect, music and entertainment, educational and what a view.

The in thing is that “everyone” is on social media, I mean even our parents are on social media and so what is it about this social media that has got everyone hooked. Even our politicians have joined the trend and they have seen this as the easiest means to reach out to the youths of today.

Social media is indeed the number one source for information as the world is now readily made available to us on just our portable devices and in turn information is available at a click of our phones.

Social media has provided an excellent platform for business to thrive and boom. Goods are now better advertised online and purchases can be done as well. This makes things easily accessible to the consumers and faster. It also saves time and energy on the part of the seller as they now work more online instead of from one stone or houses to another.

Not to forget the lovebirds online. Yes, indeed social media has also succeeded In bringing life partners as well as soul mates together. I mean we can all testify to the love story of Mr Capable himself, Banky W, who met his beautiful wife, the actress, Adesua Etomi and he kicked off their relationship which later led to one of the most celebrated weddings of 2017, by just sending her a DM on Twitter.  Hmm…Romantic (How cute!)

Away from the love story of the love story of 2017, backtracking down to 2012, a beautiful daughter of one of the highly ranked General in the army met a couple of young lads on Facebook who invited her to come see them in the city of Lagos which she did. This however became her last journey on earth as the deceased was raped and killed by these guys right there in her hotel room. They had all met on social media. This story raked the country for a long time to come as parents went on full rampage on their children, emphasizing the effect of social media and advising against it.

The slay mamas and slay kings on these different platforms, with their ever flashing outfits and exorbitant spendings online with majority living a fake life and materialistic living, only negatively affects the younger ones and their numerous followers who consequently become oppressed and desire for the same exact thing they obviously cannot afford at the moment, hence driving them into illegal business all in the hope of making money fast and living the exorbitant lifestyles and displayed by these bad role models of theirs.

And please don’t get me started on the awful short messages on which most social media users use in communicating when texting. Here, slangs are easily cooked up with good Queens English Language taking a backseat.

For example:

Good morning is now replaced with watsup, sup, morning or even worse, how far? (you’ve got to be kidding me). Also the over abbreviation of words just makes it so difficult to sometimes comprehend their sentences. For example: I ave ‘er ‘re all dei? day- spelt as ‘dei’ and the list is endless.

Indeed how much have we benefited form the social media? Is social media a blessing or a course? Or rather, is SM a b or a c?

Dang! This short messages.

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