Songs I’m loving from Omo Charlie Champagne VOL.1 Album


Have you heard of Simi’s new album? If you have not heard about it then, you’re probably not a social media or music person. And if you have not heard about Simi, well, let me just move forward and keep my comment to myself.

Simisola Ogunleye popularly known as Simi is a Nigerian musician. She’s among the few Nigerian secular artists whose music I love. Her songs always have a message to pass. It is either talking about love or correcting an ill in the society. Honestly Nigerian artists need to take a cue from her. And the way she infuses pidgin and Yoruba into her songs is just lovely. I’ll categorize Simi as a storyteller as most of her songs are told in a story form. Maybe that’s another reason why I like her style of music.

The singer, song writer, released her third studio album Omo Charlie Champagne vol. 1 on the 19th of April and the album has reached #1 on the charts. Wow!

I just recently downloaded a few of the songs on the album and Simi did not disappoint. She delivered as she always does and my downloads were not a waste.

The songs I’ve heard and I’m loving are:

  • Jericho featuring Patoranking

Aside the cool beat which this song has, the lyrics is nice. It is a love song with clean lyrics that I will totally recommend to be played even in Christian wedding parties as it talks about always being there for the one you love.

  • Mind your business featuring Falz

I downloaded this song because Falz was featured on it. Falz is another Nigerian artist whose music I like. His style of music is similar to Simi’s and it’s no wonder they feature each other in their songs.

The song talks about those busy bodies who always like chooking their mouth into other people’s business. I particularly love this song because of the message telling people to mind their business when right now not minding of business is the order of the day.

  • Ayo

Before Simi released her album, this song had been trending. The song is more like a song of well wishes. Ayo is Joy in Yoruba. I like the sound of the gangan (a Nigerian instrument commonly used by the Yorubas) I was hearing in the song, it just made the song more enjoyable. It is also one of those songs you can play at wedding parties.

  • I dun care

This is the first song I heard on this album. I watched the video last year and the video made me fall in love with the song and let’s not even go to the aspect of the beat🙌. I’ve played the video so much that anything my sister hears it, she’ll be like, “you’re playing this song again” 😁. The song is a love song that talks about loving someone to the point that you don’t care if people think you’re being extra.


So people, those are the songs I’m loving on Simi’s new album. I hope to listen to the other songs on the album as I know they’ll be lit too.

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