The “little” things


For my NYSC I was posted to this school named Prime Touch. Everyday during break time I hear the kids say something like this:

Bless this food oh Lord Amen

    Jesus come and eat devil go away

God bless my food and God bless my water

I don’t know the whole thing they say but that’s the part I remember. It made me remember when I was younger. Anytime I was about to eat I would always pray over the food. Like, I never missed that. What happened now? Why don’t I still pray before eating? And I know this is not only me. Like, almost everyone in my age range and even older have stopped this act of praying before eating.

The thing is, as we get older we tend to remove God from the little affairs of our lives. We feel that we are grown enough to  handle those aspects of our lives by ourselves. We then only leave the “big” stuffs for God to handle because we feel that those are the things that are beyond our power and so we commit only those things into his hands.

Guess what? God wants us to commit even the “little” things of our life to him. We cannot divide parts our lives and say, this part is for me to handle and this part is for God to handle. No, God wants total control of our lives. As little as the food we eat. When we commit the bits of our life to someone, we do that because of the close relationship we have with that person, right? We wouldn’t want to concern someone we don’t talk to on a daily basis with the little affairs of our lives, would we? That is just the same way with God.

He wants us to have that close relationship with him that we can trust him with any and everything. He wants to know every tiny detail of our life. He already knows them but just like we humans, if I know something but you don’t tell me yourself, I might pretend like I don’t know, right? So yeah, God wants us to be so close to him that we commit everything into his hands. He wants to be best friends with us and not just a father. We know how we vibe with our best friends, that is the kind of vibe God wants with us.

I don’t even think that there should be such a thing as “little” and “big”. I think that’s where the problem starts from. Every part of our life is important no matter how insignificant it might look. So, we should kill that mentality.  Once we accept that every part of our life is important then we would be able to commit every aspect of our life into his hands.

The Bible says in Proverbs 3 that we should:

Trust the Lord with all your heart, and don’t depend on your own understanding. Remember the Lord in all you do,and he will give you success.

That means that we should never at any point of our life try to think that we can do anything on our own no matter how “little”.

From today on,  I want us to change our attitude towards our relationship with God. I want us to commit every aspect our lives to him and not divide it. But you know what they say about change, right? It starts with me.



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