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Just a few days to 2020 and the question that comes to mind is, how was your 2019? I would say mine was soso. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t so great either but even at that, I’m grateful for 2019 because in one way or the other it has shaped me a little.

No matter what has happened in 2019, whether it gave you lemons or it gave you mangoes, brace yourself for the new year ahead and be optimistic about it. Remember that, as long as there is life, there is hope.

Just as the title of the post says, I’ll be sharing some of the things that have made my 2019.

#1 Books

I’m a book lover. I love reading books during my free time and even though I don’t always get to read so many books, I can still pick favourites out of the little I read.

The books that did it for me this year are:

  • An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

The novel tells the story of a black man who is wrongly accused and jailed for raping a White woman.

  • We should all be feminist by Chimmanda Adichie

I’m a feminist and this book made me understand the concept of feminism better. I’m glad I read the book as it made me take feminism more seriously.

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  • Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

The previous post is my review about this book. You should check it out.

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  • Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney

The novel tells the story of a middle school kid who wants to be popular and this quest for popularity leads him to make some not so intelligent decisions.

It’s a series and although I’m not done with all of it, the ones I’ve read were a fun read. If you’re into childrens novel you will enjoy reading this.

#2 Films

The first film making it to the list is:

  • Escape Room

I would say this is the best movie I watched this year. It tells the story of six strangers who are invited to an Escape Room competition and the winner would get ten thousand dollars. Unfortunately, the game puts them in various life threatening situations.

I really liked the concept of the movie. It was all fresh and exciting to watch. Part 2 is in progress and I’m eager to see what’s going to happen there.

  • Perfect Date

The perfect date tells the story of a guy who builds an app offering dating services just to make money to go to his dream college.

  • The Silence

There are these birds that infest the world and the only way not to get attacked by them is to stay silent.

Although I didn’t quite get the ending of the movie, I still enjoyed watching it.

  • The Wedding Year

The wedding year tells the story of a girl who is afraid of commitment and how she and her boyfriend’s relationship is tested when they attend 27 weddings in one year. How is that even possible? If this movie took place in Nigeria, that means 27 aso-ebi’s, wo!

  • Truth or Dare

A group of friends are lured to play the game of truth or dare but it turns out not to be the regular truth or dare. Not telling the truth or doing the dare results to death.

  • Bird Box

In Bird Box, a mysterious force is out killing people and the only way to stay alive is to avoid looking at it. If you look, you’ll use your hand to kill ya self.

#3 Blogs

The blogs I enjoyed reading this year are:

Mind of Amaka is a Nigerian lifestyle blog. It is run by a girl named Amaka who aside from being a blogger is also a product photographer and she’s really good at it. She is one of my favourite bloggers and I always anticipate her posts.

Olotu Funke is a female development and lifestyle blog. Funke is an Abuja based blogger and her blog sheds light on issues that revolve around the female gender.

I can’t remember how I discovered this blog. Maybe it was one of those days when I wanted to discover new bloggers and blogs to read. The Aduni is a fashion and lifestyle blog but I was more interested in the lifestyle aspect of the blog.

#4 Vlogs

The vloggers that were able to get my attention this year are:

  • Dimma Umeh

Dimma is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger. Her videos are always top notch and one that I always look forward to watching. The fact that YouTube is her full time job and she’s doing well for herself is quite inspiring. She’s also a feminist and it adds a plus to the likeness I have for her.

  • Ronke Raji

Ronke Raji is also a beauty and lifestyle vlogger. There is this vibe her channel gives me that I can’t put into words. Even though she just recently became a mother, she still thrives to put out content on her channel. Int that a strong mama.

  • Akah and Claire

I’ve been subscribed to their channel on YouTube for a while but I never watched any of their videos until this month when they started their vlogmas. I was hooked to their channel and right now I’ve become their biggest fan.

  • Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin is an actor who started her YouTube Channel just few months ago. I was already a fan of Marsai so when she started her channel I was excited about it. So far, her videos have not disappointed me.

  • Cuppy

So DJ Cuppy started this series on her YouTube channel titled Cuppy on a mission where she vlogs her everyday life and it was fun to watch. Yes was because, she hasn’t put out any content regarding that in a while 😥.

  • Jordyn Woods

Jordyn Woods also just recently started her YouTube channel and her videos are interesting to watch especially the ones with her sister.

  • Ambibola Craig

I love Ambibola’s channel because she uses it to discuss serious topics. If you want to be educated, watch her channel.

  • Montell Fish

Montell Fish is a Christian musician who also has a YouTube Channel. He is always so honest and transparent in his videos and that’s why I love watching them.

#5 Instagram pages

These people are the ones I look out for anytime I’m on Instagram. They are:

Sopha Rush is a Christian Blogger. I like her page because she posts about christianity, marriage and being a mother. To be honest, I just love seeing her son, he’s too cute 😭.

Yup, she made it here too. I love her page so much because of the stories she tells with each picture. She’s a good writer and you should check out her blog.

Precious Gaza posts about Faith, healthy relationships and being sickle cell. I love how she’s living her best life and not allowing being sickle cell get the best of her. I know it’s tough but she’s one strong girl.

Justin is into photography and film. The first time I discovered his page and watched one of his videos, I was really impressed and became his fan ever since. His videos make me want to take videography more seriously and 2020 is the year to do just that.

Adeaga Bukunmi is a fashion stylist and she has this show she calls The Fashion Shock Show. If you want to have a good laugh, you have to watch that show.

Fadekemi Kosoko is a pharmacist, book lover and a lifestyle blogger based in Lagos, hence the Lagos Girl. She posts books and lifestyle content on her page and I’m so into that.

Chidera Metuh is a Christain and Lifestyle blogger. I love her page because she makes me want to be better christian.

#6 Music

I actually did a whole post on this but if you notice, it no longer exists on the blog and I’m sorry about that.

Instead of listing the songs that made my 2019 which are sooo much, I’ll list the artists.

The artists whose songs made my 2019 are:

1kphew, Aaron Cole, Andy Mineo, Angeloh, Bez, Burna boy, Evan and Eris, Elevation worship, Gil Joe, H.e.r, J. Cole, Joe boy, Jonas Brothers, Limoblaze, Khalid, Kanye West, Marvin Sapp, Miraculous, NF, Quinn XCII, Roy Tosh, Selena Gomez, Stormzy, Social Club Misfits, Steven Malcolm, Tems, William McDowell.

Last but definitely not the least,

#7 You

Yes, you.

That amazing human who takes out time to read my blog posts. You made my 2019 and you are very much appreciated. I know my blogging this year was bleh but, I’m hoping to do better in 2020.

With that I say adios and see you in 2020.

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