Unpopular opinions I may (not) agree with


According to a Medium article by Nicole Cooper,

Unpopular opinions are simply defined as ideas and beliefs that go against or completely contradict the conventional status quo.

Here are some of the unpopular opinions I found on google and my reaction to them. Shall we begin?

Yes, I totally agree with this. Why would you get into a relationship when you don’t have a job? Let’s even leave the car part out. I mean, if your purpose of being in a relationship is to get married then you need to have a job. How are you going to take care of your family if you don’t have a job?

What is this, Game of Thrones? Dating inside the family is so wrong. Please don’t do it. I repeat, don’t do it. There are a lot of people outside your family that you can date.

Yes, I agree with this. I’m in a house you beyhives, come and get me. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Beyonce, but I just think she’s overrated, no offence.

I don’t totally agree with this. Money does solve a whole lot of problems but there’s a limit to what money can solve. Who gets me?

Kindness won’t hurt anyone. Instead it will make the world a better place. No matter who you think you are, kindness is still key. The world is too small not to be kind.

I kind of do agree with this. If an artist is able to write his/her own songs it makes them artistic.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Pizza is sooo overrated. I tried it some years back and didn’t like it. Because I couldn’t really remember the taste anymore, I decided to try it again during Christmas period hoping I would like it this time but it was just wrong. #TeamShawama.

How dare you? Bird box was so interesting and emotional. I almost cried😩. PS: if you haven’t watched it, please do.

I’ve watched the three parts of pitch perfect and I believe it’s a cool movie. It’s not so great though, but it’s cool.

I 95% agree with this. Some filters on Snapchat are just ridiculous.

The only person I care about on this list is Khalid and he sings damn well. So, thank you, next.

Em,  what then is the purpose of dating?

What we should do away with is you, bro. Lol. Not all music is bad. That is why you should listen to Jesus music, people 😁.

A song without a lyrics, is that one a song?

I totally agree with this. All people care about these days is the beat of the song. That’s why a song lyrics that’s trash but has a dope beat can sell. It’s so sad.

I actually do like both but right now I’m going to have to agree with this. Netflix isn’t for people like me and I learnt the hard way.

Never have, Never will. I’m sorry Dogs but I just can’t stand you.

Black ink is bae. I can count the number of times I used blue ink when I was in Uni. Black ink is dope, mhen!

Yup. Speak up whenever you need to. It’s the reason you have a mouth.


What unpopular opinion mentioned do you agree or not agree with? I’ll love to know.

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