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Today, I’ll like to be your Christian Music Plug. If you would let me, these are Christian songs you can download that will bless you .

  • Purpose Over Pleasure – Jonathan Traylor

I love the part in this song where Jonathan Traylor said, “You Only Live Once but, You Only Die Once Too”.This song basically talks about living a life of purpose over living a life of pleasure. That is, deying your flesh of all that it wants and not letting it control you. And you can only do that when you let Jesus be King over your life.

  • I Trust You – Jonathan Traylor

I love how real this song is. The opening verse says: “I know you are for me, but sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re working out things for me…”I’m sure we’ve all felt that way one time or the other in our Christian journey. Those moments when you just don’t seem to understand what’s going on and you question God.The beautiful part of this song is that even though the singer doesn’t seem to grasp what’s going on in his life, he still chooses to trust God because his life is in God’s hands and He’s in control. This is what we should do too.

  • Change Me – Lashon Brown Jr

The song is for when you get to that point you realize that you keep living a life of sin and you need God to change you because you can’t live a holy life on your own. Trust me, you’ll keep going back.It’s a song for when you want God to take away everything in your life that is not pleasing to him. Everything that is weighing you down and drawing you back from living the life God wants for His children.It’s a song for when you finally want to admit that Jesus should take the centre of your life.

  • Anything – CalledOut Music

This is one of the tracks on CalledOut’s new Album POTRAITS.The song talks about the awesomeness of God and how God makes him feel like he can do anything.As a child of God we should have that mindset too. The Bible says that with God, we can do anything because He has given us the strength to.

  • Never Have I Ever – Hillsong Young & Free

I just downloaded this song recently and it has been on repeat. I love the chorus so much because it makes me want to stand up and dance.The chorus says: “Never, never have I ever found a love so good, so good. Never, never am I ever getting over living with you. Nothing will change it. All I can say is, Never, never have I ever found a love so good, so good”.The song appreciates the unconditional love of God and how no love can compare to it.I also love the part of the song that says, “Your love is patient, love is kind, your love is never hard to find…” If that’s not true, I don’t know what is.

  • Best Friends – Hillsong Young & Free

I love how different this song is. I mean that by the lyrics. It’s not kind of lyrics you hear in your everyday Christian songs.The song is sang by a guy who says his Best friends are sick of pretending and they want the truth. At the end of the chorus he says, “I know it’s you”.My interpretation of this song is that, his best friends have probably hit that point in their life where they have realised that there’s more to life than what they do and now they want that more. And that more is Jesus.If you’ve heard this song, what’s your interpretation of it? I’d like to know in the comment.

  • Settled – Ada Ehi

I’ve never really been a fan of Ada Ehi’s music but with this song, I can say I’m getting close to being a fan.Aside how groovy the song is, the lyrics is on point too. To me, the song is more of a prayer or a declaration, anyhow you look at it.The song talks about how God has changed her story from Glory to Glory and so she can never be the same again.I like how she kept saying in the name of Jesus because the devil may try to steal her blessing but in the name of Jesus, it is settled.To me this song can be interpreted in two ways. It can be for those who have already received their blessings and are praying it remains permanent and, for those who are waiting to receive their blessings but are by faith calling those things which are not as though they are.

  • Nothing Else – CalledOut Music

This song is also on CalledOut Music’s new album.It is about the love of God and how he died on the cross to rescue our soul. As simple as that but a beautiful song to groove to.

  • Omemma eh – Sinach ft Nolly

Sinach is another artist that I don’t really vibe with her songs but I think her song Way Marker was the one that change my perspective about her music. Now this song, all I can say is that I’m happy I discovered it.The song is a praise to God for who He is and all that He has done. I love the mix of Igbo and English. Also, the rap by Nolly, it just flowed well with the song.This song may not be one of her latest songs but it is a song you can still download and enjoy.

  • No Further – Wande

When I first heard this song I had thought it was a love song, a girl boy kind of love song. I was a little bit disappointed because honestly, I really don’t like when Christian artists sing those kind of love songs but anyway, that’s just me.This is one of the tracks from her album EXIT.It was when I listened to the chorus that I understood the song. It is actually a love song God is singing to us. I don’t know if that made any sense but I hope it did.

  • Warm Embrace – CalledOut Music

And yet another song from CalledOut Music’s new album making it to the list.My favourite lines from the song are: “All I see is you. You’re bigger than any situation. Even when I thought it was over, you came and wrapped me in your arms, you wrapped me in your warm embrace”. It is a song of gratitude for God’s love.

  • Citizens Of Heaven – Tauren Wells

This is a song from Tauren Wells latest album CITIZENS OF HEAVEN. I love how this song is a reassurance of who we are as Children of God.As Children of God we are Citizens of Heaven and we should live our lives here knowing that we are of this world but not of it. We should not live our life like this world is our home because it’s not.

  • Life Room Anthem – Jonathan McReynolds ft Dee 1

This song is from Jonathan McReynolds previous album MAKE ROOM. He has a new album now PEOPLE and I like a couple of songs on it.I love the lyrics of this song from beginning to end. The rap was the icing on the cake for me. I like the way Dee 1 was doing the whole comparison thing if that’s the right word to use. Anyway, just download it and let it bless you too.

  • Together – For Kings & Country, Tori Kelly & Kirk Franklin

The backup singers on this song were amazing. I like when songs have really good backup singers. It’s a reason why I still like songs from The Greatest Showman.This song features my favourite artists and so when I saw the song, I did not hesitate to download.The song is a song of hope, letting those who need hope know that they’re not alone.—Thanks for reading this post. I’ll make sure to do more of posts like this. So, subscribe to the blog to get notified when I post.Do download the songs in this post, listen and be blessed.See you in the next post. Love n Light.

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