Waiting on him


Ever wanted something so bad you would give your all for it? You pray, fast and work diligently towards it, making sure all your christian pretexts are correctly applied to it, and you try not to leave any room for shortcomings that could in any form derail one from achieving that which one is really aiming at, or getting that which one is really hoping on? Paraventure, you tend to hear clearly from God, about all the obstacles that are currently presenting itself between that which you really want and yourself, from then on, one is forced to just rely on Him to duly clear the pathway for that which we so badly want at that time, and hence one is forced to wait on Him.

Now this is a really trying stage, because indeed in our pursuit for happiness, which could be in any case things like, financial breakthrough, career exploit or that dream job, to a lovable relationship or spouse etc, one has to (whether one likes it or not), trail it in stages. You could start off very enthusiastically, all fired on, devoid of challenges, emotions all high up and dreams flying up on one’s shoulders, at this point, there is nothing that could ever pose a threat to one, as you are just plain invisible to any obstacle whatsoever. Take for example, a fresh out graduate, having successfully completed his/her service year, fired on with dreams and aspiration. He/she would subconsciously dream extremely big (and this is absolutely OK, don’t get me wrong), and so he/she goes on to apply to the biggest multinational companies, not waiting to hear any advice from any reliable source, or follow due mentorship from people that matter, trusting only on his/her little experience and wow – factor, of a degree, not waiting to hear from God. I dare say, that such an individual might be lucky to be endorsed and get a good high- paying job, some others may just be met with a big No! Some others may just have to fall into the stance of waiting on God first.
In a place like this, where one crawls back to God, like I earlier said, is really not easy. It could even be hurtful for some, and others might feel plain disappointed. In waiting on God, it simply means that you have proactively explored all other humanly possible options, and it all just didn’t work out. You took your heart in your hands, gathered up all your courage to ask out that girl, you so finely pictured for your future and, it all came crashing down all around you and how badly rejected you felt afterwards. You put in all your best for a job service you rendered and work with all your might towards a possible promotion at work and instead, you even got a sack letter out of the blues. Or maybe, you took the common advice of ‘no risk, no reward ‘, as a business man or woman, and plunged neck deep into a business idea and plan, only to encounter an epic fail, or you are still yet to receive the returns of your investments. It is important to note, that while one comes to the final realization that had I known, one would have seeked the face of God first, the losses are still very painful and it just doesn’t easily go away.
So yes, we now have an understanding of where we may find ourselves now, which is on waiting on God. We now duly surrender to His will for our life and really don’t want to take one more step into mistake, failure or rejection without duly hearing from Him, or at least we see a sign subtly from Him, that this is the right spouse for us, or He finally answers our prayers with a bountiful financial harvest,  or He presents a golden opportunity of a fine job and deep down, you know, that this can only be His plans for You. Hence, the real question here is, how do we wait patiently on Him to duly enjoy His blessings afterwards?
My fervent readers would know by now, that I would always write about what I know has been tested and trusted, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, and in this case, I would say that one just has to be prayerful. Yes, round the clock prayer hours. You just have to keep shaking that table and making your request constantly known to Him. I feel like it’s only when you really want something or someone, that you suddenly have a passion or zeal for that particular thing, and in this case if the one way of reminding God about what you really want and how much you really want it, is to ask Him about it any moment you can on a daily basis, then I ask you, why not? I suggest you go straight up for it.
It’s not enough to just go to Him in prayers, and ask all that you know you really want from Him at that point, it is also highly necessary that you trust Him. You have to put aside all your humanly possible proactive mind, on a hundred or more ways you can go about getting what you want outside a morally or ethically, christian like way, and just instead hope for a clear and vivid inspiration from Him on how to go about that which you really are waiting on Him for, and I can boldly tell you that He will never disappoint.
For this last point, which was just dropped in my heart and it fits in so well to be our last point here, is that, we must act like we have already got it. This could be seen as a huge step of faith on our path and it will surely come to pass. On waiting on God, you don’t have to be all sulken and dab, or super sad and act like you are the poorest person in the world, or like you will forever be jobless, or that you will die a single person or never experience the bliss of that financial blessing which you are so badly waiting for. No, not at all. This is because, God would never want all these negativity for His children, He wants the best and nothing but the best for us, and so He has to take His due time in sculpting that perfect lady to match your bright future, and in preparing that long over due blessing to overshadow all your years of shame and lack, and also you deserve to handle that over the top job, because you are just what the world needs to influence the business world in a true Godly way, devoid of corruption and envy.
So yes, He always just has us in mind every single time He looks upon our existence and trust that our happiness is His happiness. Hence, He would surely end up giving us just the very best in His own due time, which should be our very essence for praising Him always.

By: Yennie Keilah Joe

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